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lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (22/10) Festival Seni Tradisi Muda Indonesia (FSTMI) was held for the second time on Saturday, October 21 st 2017 at 03.00 pm till 10.00 pm placed in Mugi Dance Studio, Pucangan, Kartasura, Surakarta. This event was held by FORDA Surakarta cooperate with Mugi Dance Studio.

     Like its name, this event intended to make the young generation of Indonesian love their art, culture and traditions. So, the heritage of Indonesia can be kept and preserved for the future. “Let’s not too focus on foreign culture that has entered to Indonesia, but let’s focus on our culture, art and tradition.” Said Kevin Rizky as chairman of committee.

      The performer of this event was youth from different region. There was Jambi, Minang, Padang, South Sumatera, West Java, Klaten, Grobogan, Purwodadi, Ponorogo, Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, Lombok and Papua. The series of Festival Seni Tradisi Muda Indonesia was not only art performing from every region, but also acoustic, fashion show (traditional clothing), and stand for Indonesia culinary.

     Wayan Gede Suwanto Suyono, student of Art Institute of Denpasar, Bali as performer said “this event was very beneficial to adding insight, adding friends, and knowing many culture from other region. And I hope this event is not only showing Indonesia culture but also can collaborate with foreign culture”.


      As visitors, according to Intan, student of Biology Education, “this time, FSTMI is not as merry as last year. It perhaps due to lack of promotion and preparation.”
Hopefully, through this event the youth of Indonesia can be more care and proud of Indonesia art
and culture.

Reported by LPM CAMPUS

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