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The Facts of Cat


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lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id - Hi, Campusers! Do you have a pet? If you don’t, cat can be the choice. Cat is the most sought pet for Indonesian society. Cat is on the top position above dogs, rabbits, chickens and birds in the top five. The cuteness of cat makes many people like this animal. Besides that, people like cat most because the various type of cat and the treatment is easy. But do you know the other interesting fact of cat? 

     Based on the National Geographic interview with Gary Weitzman, he is an expert on pet and also the head of the SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Weitzman is often filled event on the radio about pets and their problems. He used to answer questions about the cat. Most recently, he wrote a new book called How to Speak Cat. According to Weitzmen cats respond better to women, because women have a higher voice than men. In addition, cats are able to see in the dark six times better than human. The oldest cat ever lived (now deceased), was 27 years old in Point Loma, California. Here's the other facts of cat:

  1.  Kittens usually have blue eyes, some of them will change when the kitten was twelve weeks. 
  2.  Cats can jump equal to or more than seven times the length of its tail. 
  3.  A cat will use its whiskers to determine whether they can enter the body to pass through a narrow gap. 
  4.  Cats often rubbed their heads to people or other objects. This is how cats put their scent and is  known as 'tagging' which aims to mark a specific location as their territory. 
  5.  Cats can move their ears up to 180 degrees. 
  6.  The kittens sleep more often during sleep because their body releases growth hormones. 
  7.  When the cat brings prey animal to its owner, this means that these cats teach you "how to hunt". 
  8.  Cats can recognize the voice of their owners. 
  9.  Cats cannot taste sweetness. 
  10.  Cats sleep for 70% of the entire period of their lives. While humans, on the contrary, only sleep for 30%.
  11.  Cats will "gore" people they trust and make they feel comfortable. 
  12.  A cat named Emmy spends his days aboard the Empress of Ireland. However, on 28 May 1914, he refused to go to sea with the ship the next day the ship sank. 
  13.  If a cat shake wagging her tail means he is happy to see you. 
  14.  The more often you invite your cat talk, the more often the cat will meow to you 
  15.  Cat’s meow parents more often, because they suffer from Alzheimers or weakening of memory. 
  16.  Cats sweat through his soles. 
  17.  Some foods which dangerous for cats are: 
    • Chocolate Chocolate contains theobromine which can lead to heart related diseases and seizures in cats. 
    • Milk Most cats do not match with lactose or milk that commonly consumed by human. This means their bodies cannot easily digest dairy products, and cause diarrhea, and even vomiting 
    • Raw meat and fish These foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea, especially if your cat is not used to eat them. These foods can also cause salmonella and E coli poisoning. 
    • Alcohol Alcohol has the same effect on human and cat. The only difference is that the side effects are worse in your cat. For example, a few teaspoons of whiskey can cause coma and even death in cats 
    • Caffeine Caffeine intoxication can generally be cat’s killer because there is no antidote. Common symptoms include anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and palpitations. 
     As a good cat owner we should pay attention to the behavior of pet, and knowing their unique personality. In addition to maintain his health can also strengthen the relationship with cats. 

Written by         : Bayu Putro Utomo (Industrial Engineering, 2013)
Source      : http://nationalgeographic.co.id/berita/2015/12/fakta-mengejutkan-yang-jarang-diketahui-tentang-kucing-peliharaan/2

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