SIPA 2017 : Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya


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lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id - Hello, Solo netizen! Solo International Performing Arts or SIPA that has waited is coming!

     Annual international performingart has held in Solo. This year, SIPA brings the theme “Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya”. The theme has a message to always loving, keeping and caring the sea and ocean. To support the theme, the stage was designed similar to the ship of Indonesian Navy or we used to call KRI Dewaruci.” said Putri as one of SIPA committee.

   The uniqueness of SIPA 2017 is music, dance and theater served on one stage. It doesn’t like before, that performance dominant by music only.

     Besides, the stage design that similar to KRI Dewaruci, the performance is also themed about sea. The example is performance by Semarak Candra Kirana and Ekos Dance Company which show “UPPER”. UPPER inspired by dances of West Halmahera and North Maluku such as Cakalee, Soya-Soya and Legu Salai. UPPER is physical translation to celebrate the love and inspiration of maritime cultural dance.

     It is not only UPPER, but still many performances from various world artists that will amaze the visitors. There will be performances from Azpirasi (Singapore), Meilanie Lane (Australia), Hanoi Solo Artist (Vietnam), Silhouette Art Performance (Malaysia), Joel Inzunza & Company (Chile), Nor Slip: Art Sprouts (Thailand), La Salle Teatro Guindegan (Philippines), and many more performances from Indonesian artists from various regions.

     There is no reason to not watch this festival. Why? A visitor opined “SIPA is one of the biggest agenda in Solo which show various arts from several different countries. Each year SIPA brings different themes and concepts.  And each year, the performers come from different countries. Although still many of lack such us there is no narration during performance and no notice for guest invitation and visitor entrance.”

     Putri as committee added, “SIPA is the biggest international art performance in Solo. As a young generation of Indonesia, we should watch as a form of appreciation and concern of art.” 

     It is so interesting, isn’t it? If you curious about SIPA, just come and watch on 7th September till 9th September 2017 in Benteng Vasternburg, Solo and the event starts from 7 p.m. Another good news is that the entrance is FREE! So, don’t miss it guys!

Written by : Anggi Widiastuti (Chemical Engineering, 2014)

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