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(Surakarta, 30/04) - Youth Speak, organized by the International Youth Organization, AIESEC. AIESEC is the largest organization in the world spread over 26 countries. The organization is engaged in leadership, demands young people to grow and "find" who they are by connecting with important people in the bureaucracy organizing great activities, and managing others, especially oneself.
The theme of this event is role of young people in facing the existing problems in the city of Solo: poverty, education and health. So the role of young people in the development of the city of Solo will be more visible. In addition, the forum also provides views to young people about what they will do when they have completed their studies. Whether by entrepreneur, or become a professional?
There are four practitioners present at this forum, namely the delegation of Surakarta City Government, entrepreneurs, founder start up, and also UNICEF delegation.
The first speaker was Ir. Ahyani, MA, delegation from Surakarta City Government. He said that, "The progress of a city depends on the willingness of people to build their city. Currently, the government is trying to realize Solo to be a creative city network, which is shown by three concepts. They are: comfortable and safe city proper; Green City; And Smart City ".

The second speaker was Andy Rachman, delegation of PT. AIA Financial, a large insurance company in the world. He said about what things are needed for young people to survive in the work. There are three things that must be met: Career aspiration; Capability & potentials; and Commitment. He closed his session with one sentence, "Dreams make commitment, commitment leads to action, action brings your dream closer."
The third practitioner is a 24-year-old man, Gisneo Pratala Putra, founder of Start Up Wideboard. He said, "We must be a critical person. Question of life should always be "Why why why and why" after "why" we must know "what" and the last is "how". Because when we are critical to what happens in the world, we will be able to see everything, so that we can change the world. "
And the last practitioner is Vania Santoso, UNICEF delegation in Indonesia, and also a sociopreneur. She conveyed the role of young people as agents of change. There are three important points that need to be underlined:
1. Finding the core problem, ask "why", do what the people need
2. Finding the passion and make the most of it
3. Participating in every change
After finishing the forum with the four practitioners, the Youth Speak activities continued with Workshop. During this workshop, participants are divided into several classes. They are given problems in Solo, and discussed the solution to be achieved.

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